weeWork & WEPlay

In the spirit of the sharing economy Colorado Backcountry Trailers is excited to introduce two new initiatives…weeWork and WEplay. weeWork is in response to the reality that we all can get caught up in working too many hours, too hard and at the expense of keeping our life in balance. “weeWork” as in “just a little”. It is important to be purposeful in taking time to recharge. Studies have shown that reconnecting with nature enhances our health and our lives.

In contrast to weeWork, WEplay is about putting time and resources into enjoying life to the fullest. At Colorado Backcountry Trailers that is central to our mission of “Go Where Others Can’t”. While we enjoy meeting each of you at Overland Rallies and events the real fun is taking the Timberline into the mountains. We catch sparkling rainbow trout in cold mountain brooks; we mountain bike the single tracks through the trees and meadows; we stalk big game in the shadows of the dark timber; and we enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the comforts of our home away from home.

To help you experience the joys of the backcountry in our Timberline Trailer Colorado Backcountry Trailers is offering a rent-to-try program depending on availability and location. It’s a great opportunity to check out the terrific handling, the ease of setup and take-down, and the comforts our sweet trailer provide. Our base rental price is $170 per day with a two-day minimum. You will need to participate in a brief “how-to-use” the trailer training session. We are booked through the first week of August but would love to get you on the schedule after that.

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