S'More Fun by the Campfire

Don't forget to pack your Timberline trailer with your favorite S'more's ingredients. My family gets bored with the normal stuff, so we ramp it up!

Strawberry Nutella: Chocolate graham crackers, strawberry slices, Nutella and a toasted marshmallow

Cookies and Cream: graham cracker, cookies and cream chocolate bar and a toasted marshmallow

Nutella Split: graham cracker, Nutella, banana slices and a toasted marshmallow

Grasshopper: chocolate graham cracker, Andes mint chocolate and a toasted marshmallow

The Canadian: graham cracker, maple sugar leaf and a toasted marshmallow

The CBT: graham cracker, dark chocolate, pretzel and (of course) a toasted marshmallow

-Jennie Kopf, Colorado Backcountry Trailers

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